Create a Profitable Speaking Business By Learning From Successful Speakers Who Have Already Done It

- Launching November 1, 2023 -

If ANY of this resonates with you, the SoCal NSA Speakers Academy will give you all the tools you need to create a profitable speaking business.

"What I learned, not only taught me how to put together a great Keynote Speech, but it gave me the ideas for the sample chapter that I wrote for my book, Never Split the Difference which got me my book deal with Harper Collins"
Chris Voss, FBI Hostage Negotiator
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Never Split the Difference

Many talented speakers never achieve the success they want. Why?

The Speakers Academy is a proven success blueprint. Over 20 successful professionals will teach you everything from nailing down your topic to choosing the right business model to crafting your signature keynote.

This course will give you many of the tools and tactics used by successful speakers to build and maintain a high-performing speaking business.

By joining the NSA SoCal Speaker's Academy, you will:

Make your words mean business and learn from the pros!

All of our instructors were once in your shoes. Many of them have been through the Academy themselves, and are eager to “give back.”


Their generosity in sharing their knowledge makes it possible to offer tremendous value when you join the Speakers Academy.

Here’s What You’ll Get…​

15 Class Sessions

Value $7,500

15 class sessions with over a dozen established professional speakers

Academy Video Vault

Value $2,000

Recordings of all Academy sessions, accessible any time throughout the Academy

NSA SoCal Chapter All Access Pass

Value $360

Attend all NSA SoCal chapter meetings, Brain Collectives & virtual summits at NO COST.

Promotional Video

Value $1,800

Raw footage of you on stage, recorded by a professional videographer

(only available in-person at a NSA SoCal chapter meeting in the spring; travel expenses on your own; more details will be provided during the Academy)

FrippVT Full Access for 12 Months

Value $616

Online course content from renowned speaking icon Patricia Fripp on crafting your keynote and increasing confidence and credibility. Plus, as an Academy member, you’ll have the opportunity for hot seat coaching from Fripp herself during an Academy session. For new Academy members only.

Mastermind and Networking with the Group

Inestimable Value

Network with your peers and receive informal mentoring from the professionals who teach our sessions. Past Academy participants say the connections they made were priceless!



Private Facebook Group

Value $400

You’ll get exclusive access to our members-only Facebook group where you will meet and interact with your fellow classmates as well as some previous Academy graduates! The group dynamic plays a valuable part in your success. Being with fellow speakers who can answer questions, share successes and motivate you is a game changer!


Additional Bonus Speaker Sessions

Value $495

Over the course of the Academy, we’ll be offering extra sessions on specific content that might not apply to all speakers, but are important to consider (ie: being trauma informed while speaking, using and leveraging social media, etc). These are an added bonus to the sessions already included in the Academy!


Talkadot Survey & Data Tool

Value $420

Thanks to the generous support of one of our sponsors, Talkadot, Academy members receive 60 days of the platform FOR FREE, plus discounted access to the Talkadot platform (or you can also sign up for free and upgrade at the regular rate of $420 later). AND the creators of the tool will be leading a session for Academy members to better understand how to get actionable speaking feedback.


Website Audit & Free Blog Tool

Value $395

Another of our amazing sponsors, Kristin Pearson Designs, will be hosting a session for Academy members and is offering a free website audit and free blog feature for your speaking website. She’s also providing discounted web creation services to Academy members!


More than $10,386

Academy Tuition: $2,500

Early Bird Special: $1,900

Early bird pricing expires on October 15!
Discounted rates are available for Alumni who would like to enroll in the Academy again. Email for more information.

NSA SoCal Academy Session Schedule

The Academy launches on November 1, 2023 and meets virtually twice a month on Wednesdays from 4:00 – 6:00 pm Pacific through May 15.  All Academy sessions are recorded and shared with participants. Academy participants are also encouraged to attend NSA SoCal Chapter Meetings and Virtual Summits at no additional cost. 

  • Nov 1: Academy Session 1 – Orientation
  • Nov 11: NSA SoCal Meeting + Working Session
  • Nov 15: Academy Session 2
  • Nov 29: Academy Session 3
  • Dec 9: NSA SoCal Virtual Meeting + Working Session
  • Dec 13: Academy Session 4
  • Dec 28: NSA SoCal Virtual Summit
  • Jan 3: Academy Session 5
  • Jan 13: NSA SoCal Virtual Meeting + Working Session
  • Jan 17: Academy Session 6
  • Jan 31: Academy Session 7
  • Feb 7: Academy Session 8
  • Feb 10: NSA SoCal Virtual Meeting + Working Session
  • Feb 21: Academy Session 9
  • Feb 22: NSA SoCal Virtual Summit
  • Mar 6: Academy Session 10
  • Mar 9: NSA SoCal Meeting + Working Session
  • Mar 20: Academy Session 11
  • Apr 3: Academy Session 12
  • Apr 13: NSA SoCal Virtual Meeting + Working Session
  • Apr 17: Academy Session 13
  • Apr 25: NSA SoCal Virtual Summit
  • May 1: Academy Session 14
  • May 11: NSA SoCal Virtual Meeting + Working Session
  • May 15: Academy Session 15 Graduation
  • Jun 6: NSA SoCal Chapter Meeting
  • Jun 27: NSA SoCal Virtual Summit

Of course, the real value comes from the results you get.
Here are some typical outcomes for Academy Members:

Well-developed topic.
Understanding of how to choose a business model and create your plan.
Marketing information and videos.
Solid collaborative network.

Had I not joined the Academy I wouldn't have learned exactly how to enter this business. It has been overall a terrific experience and I would recommend it to anyone...Highly recommended!
Armando Yee Jr.
TV Producer, Fox Sports Intl
There was a framework I learned that helped me to build my confidence and gave me courage to step out of my comfort zone and build a business as a speaker.
Diana Jennings
Personal Brand & Image Strategist

You’re called to be a professional speaker…and you need a path forward

You will NOT be on this journey alone. With the support of your mentors, your amazing Academy Deans and all the fantastic speakers who are going to pull back the curtains and share their secrets, you will be blown away by the amount of experience and ninja-level marketing strategies that are being given to you.


The choices you make for the investment of your time, talent and treasure create your future …  


… The Speakers Academy provides the road map to that future.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at all! The Speaker Academy cohorts always have a mix ranging from established speakers reconsidering and refreshing their entire business, to people who JUST found out that getting paid to speak was even a thing. 

The Academy really is primarily about learning the business of the speaking industry, in all of its permutations. We spend time learning how to choose a topic, craft marketable programs, and develop different elements of speaking such as storytelling, but the emphasis is not on actual practicing. 

We’re glad you asked! There is a big difference, and both are super valuable. Toastmasters is a fantastic place to practice the craft of speaking, particularly if you don’t have a lot of experience. The Speaker’s Academy is where you learn about the business of professional speaking. 

All of our sessions are recorded for you to access whenever you’d like. We know that our students are busy professionals and we expect everyone may miss a session or two. It’s perfectly ok. However, you will get out of Academy what you put into Academy, so we hope you’ll clear your calendar to the extent possible!

For the first month of the Speakers Academy, you can test the waters. If for any reason you find that the Speakers Academy is not the right fit for you, we will issue a full refund, no questions asked.