AJ MacQuarrie


A.J. MacQuarrie embodies the entrepreneurial journey in its entirety – from turning $20,000 into a multi-million dollar business to sitting in bankruptcy court. Former CEO of KarmaBox Vending, he expanded the pioneering healthy vending company across 80 U.S. cities in 3.5 years. Now steering Keep Going HQ, A.J. elevates entrepreneurs through marketing solutions, virtual assistance, and outbound outreach. He’s the author of the forthcoming book Craft Your Comeback and the host of the 40 Under 40 Podcast.

Jen Skrabak, PfMP, PMP

Vice President

Dave Rosenberg

Immediate Past President

 Author of Locked On Leadership: The Tactical Business Guide to Creating a Culture of Consistency, Courage, and Caring.

A former Naval Officer, owner or president of six companies, Dave is now an author and speaker helping create high-performance, self-directed teams.

Sara Safari

President-Elect, Treasurer

Sara Safari, award-winning author, speaker, mountain climber, college professor, Electrical Engineer and advocate for women empowerment, has served as a director & leader on multiple boards.

Sara received an award for The Global Citizen from United Nations Association in 2015. She is a board member and director of development in Empower Nepali Girls foundation. She also has received the award for Outstanding Practice with Broad Impact in the area of women and leadership from International Leadership Association in 2017.

Alan Bisarya 


Alan Bisarya is a Licensed Therapist and Speaker who guides people in courageous self-discovery work, so that they may lead authentic, fulfilled lives.

Dan Faill

Speakers Academy Dean

Dan Faill creates conversations that matter for teams, organizations and human beings

Jacob Bear

Content Director
Jacob Bear works with entrepreneurs and business owners who want to rise to the top 5% of their industry. As a seasoned copywriter, he helps you find creative ways of weaving your personal story and passions into your marketing. Jacob spent years exploring the USA and Italy on foot, on a bicycle, and sometimes riding freight trains with migrant workers and hobos. He draws upon these experiences to deliver interactive talks on Changing the Wind and unleashing your Authentic Advantage.

Anthony Dixon

Director of Marketing

Robbie Hyde

Director of Membership

Robbie Hyde is a retired 30-year veteran law enforcement investigator from Los Angeles. He has been a P.O.S.T. certified instructor/trainer since 2005 and has taught federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies from Los Angeles to New York, and from London to Brisbane. He is a three-time ALADS award recipient, who has presented for the Criminal Justice Institute as well as multiple youth organizations.

Regina Lark

Director of Operations

Dr. Regina Lark is an Organizing and Productivity Specialist based in Los Angeles. In 2008 she founded A Clear Path, followed by Silk Touch Moves, and recently, Speaking of Clutter

Alina Ugas

Director of Special Events

Alina Ugas is a Behavior and Communication Mentor and Co-founder of Final Step International and its trademark technique, The Needs Based Method®. With over 35 years’ experience in the health care, mental health and business sector, Alina, a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming® & Motivational Coach, National Certified Recovery Coach, motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and trainer, has always had a passion for helping others discover why their emotional decisions and self-destructive behaviors prevent them from reaching their highest potential.

Karine Leblanc

Past President Advisor

Karine Leblanc is a sales engineer and human skills expert. She works with busy consulting engineers with their HVAC design projects by supporting them with various system ideas and energy-efficient equipment solutions. Karine Leblanc is passionate about working with technical professionals like engineers improve their human skills so they can be more productive, happier, and live the life they deserve

Caitlin Crommett

Director of Digital Strategy

Caitlin Crommett is a Millennial (and proud!), a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, and a speaker on the multigenerational workplace. Her interest in generational connection began at age 15, when she founded a national nonprofit called DreamCatchers, which serves to fulfill end-of-life Dreams for typically-elderly hospice patients through chapters run by youth in high school or college. These powerful interactions between generations sparked her passion for facilitating greater connection on a larger scale.

Her 2016 book, “How to Attract Millennials to Your Workplace: And Actually Keep Us!”, focused on techniques and strategies for engaging Millennial employees and volunteers, and was the catalyst for her national speaking career. Since then, she has been brought in by companies and organizations nationwide to inspire, motivate, innovate, and connect teams in new ways, and has been a guest author and contributor on several platforms and media outlets.


“We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants”

That expression dates back nearly 1,000 years and attempts to give credit to those that have gone before us.
Just as NSA members stand on the shoulders of Cavett Robert, NSA SoCal members stand on the shoulders of our past presidents.

Thank you for your great service over the years!

2022-2023 – Dave Rosenberg
2021-2022 – Karine Leblanc
2020 – 2021 – Robert Grossman
2019 – 2020 – Dwight Holcomb
2018-2019 – Deborah Johnson
2017-2018 – Joel Block, CSP
2016-2017 – Tod Novak, CSP
2015-2016 – Connie Pheiff
2014-2015 – Terry Hawkins
2013-2014 – Tom Oser – Theme: “Getting down to Business…in the Speaking Business”
2012-2013 – Kevin Graham – Theme: “Empowering So Cal speakers to connect and grow!”
2011-2012 – Gary Hankins – Theme: “The 10X Culture”
2010-2011 – Liz de Clifford
2009-2010 – Gideon Grunfeld – Theme: “YOUR Future in Speaking from Local to Global”
2008-2009 – Kelly Hill-Greenwade – Theme: “Market Your Business and Explode Your Growth”
2007-2008 – Judith Parker Harris – Theme: “Make Your BEST Move (Branding, Expertise, Sales, Talent)”
2006-2007 – Edward Poll – Theme: “Innovation: Create Your Future NOW!”
2005-2006 – Marianne Matheis – Turning Possibilities into Realities
2004-2005 – Lynda Curtin
2003-2004 – David Markovitz – Bring Your Brand to Life!
2002-2003 – Linda Coleman-Willis – Let’s Get Visible – Together!
2001-2002 – Nancy Miller – The Business of Speaking
2000-2001 – George Hedley – Think Big! Act Big! – Be HUGE!
1999-2000 – Robert Davis – Making The Vision A Reality
1998-1999 – Maryellen Lipinski – Share Your Spirit
1997-1998 – Bonnie Dean – A View of the future, A Foundation to Build on!
1996-1997 – Stephen E Kaye – Set A New Standard
1995-1996 – Michael F Rounds – Together We Make It Happen
1994-1995 – Suzanne K Podany – Strive for Excellence
1993-1994 – Robert A Chesney – Hire A Pro
1992-1993 – Thomas K Callister – Better is Best
1991-1992 – Ralph J DiDonato
1990-1991 – Lola A Gillebaard
1989-1990 – Lynn E Banker-Ryan
1988-1989 – John P Dolan
1987-1988 – Constance D Yambert – Striving for Excellence
1986-1987 – Russell B Seeley
1985-1986 – John R Hall
1984-1985 – Virgil L Beasley
1983-1984 – William J Wolff
1982-1983 – Constance D Yambert – Progress and Growth
1981-1982 – Charles G Salisbury
1980-1981 – Jacob Weisberg